A Certified Personal Trainer Since 1996, Dean has over 20 Years of experience with area's of specialties in; Body Transformations, Strength & Conditioning, Contest prep, Metabolic Training, Meal Planning, Nutrition and Supplementation. 

Dean Quickly Established himself as an elite trainer and coach when he prepped his wife Leigh to become Canada's first ever IFBB Bikini Pro. 

Now Known Across Canada and throughout North American as the Body Transformation and Contest Prep Specialist with Over 1000 Award Winning clients from Amateur to Pro level. 

Dean has also had the best selling Canadian Online Nutrition & Training program for the past 2 years with 500+ clients annually looking to either change their lifestyle or totally reshape and transform their body. 

Act now! Do not procrastinate to become Dean's next wall of fame "Before & After" 12 week client success story!  



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